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Survey questions from League of Women Voters....and my responses.


Dear William T. Newton,

Thank you for replying to our 2016 Voters' Guide questionnaire. We appreciate your cooperation. Here is a copy of your submission (answers may be abbreviated in this email, but will appear in full online):

Contact Person's Phone Headquarters 410-429-5115

Contact Person's Address P.O. Box 896 REISTERSTOWN MD 21136-

Campaign Website

Campaign Facebook Page

Campaign Twitter Account

Campaign Email

Campaign Address P. O. Box 896 Reisterstown, Md 21136

1. QUALIFICATIONS: How does your experience prepare you for the duties of a Representative? MY RESPONSE: "The founder of a non-profit volunteer organization engaged in working within the community on various social and political issues for over 28 years developing many avenues to address local and state problems. including working with members of the state legislature, crafting bills, grass roots coordination and providing researched testimony during hearings and managing politically active campaigns."

2. ECONOMY: What economic policies would you support to assist low and middle income citizens? MY RESPONSE: "Once the manufacturing companies return so will our standard of living rise. Eliminate the corporate tax rate to end the flight of money and jobs overseas. Keep them in America. Support “Fair Trade” and “Free Enterprise”. Eliminate all the regulations for small and home-grown entrepreneurial business. Leave people alone who are willing to create business opportunities, income and jobs!"

3. FOREIGN POLICY: What are the most important foreign policy issues and how would you address them? MY RESPONSE: "Our Constitution requires our government to do ONLY a few things and among them is to 'provide for the common defense'. The military is not a dirty word and must be returned to an appropriate level to accommodate that duty; it will also provide jobs and skills. That's a start. We can continue to be "all things to all people" but first we have to be able to negotiate from a position of strength."

4. IMMIGRATION: What changes, if any, would you support in immigration policy? MY RESPONSE: "Enforce current immigration law especially regarding illegal aliens. Fine employers who hire them. Direct jobs back to our millions of unemployed.The main cause of unemployment particularly among inner city youth is our country has lost the vast surplus of entry level jobs we have had in our local communities for many decades to those entering our country illegally. Opportunity for Americans First!"

5. ENVIRONMENT: What is the most pressing environmental problem and would measure would you support to address it? MY RESPONSE: "Enable exploration of our own natural resources and require the Government to prove the activity causes personal harm or an environmental concern and by not forcing the industry to prove it doesn't. Make Government work for us "for a real change" as they should!"

6. INEQUALITY: What policies would you support to address increasing concern about economic, racial, and social inequality? MY RESPONSE: "With every survey question the answer must begin by a return to a Constitutional Republican form of government expressed by our Framers. Teach civics in our schools again to understand the responsibility of every citizen to defend the Constitution,our laws and a sense of pride will follow. All people should experience that reality and believe in those words found in the Declaration of Independence."

7. TAX REFORM: What changes, if any, would you support in federal tax policy? MY RESPONSE: "Make tax rates permanent, freeze the capital gains rate and lock the government in at a spending level commensurate with and does not exceed it's collected amount. Initiate zero-based budgeting-starting fresh each time – like most families have to do. In the meantime we can work on a simpler and fairer tax system that abolishes the IRS using simple accounting methods (example: money in/money out)."

8. OTHER PRIORITIES: What other issues are priorities for you? MY RESPONSE: "TERM LIMITS! One of my biggest hang-ups is the years and years elected representatives spend in the job. The people are best served when their representatives are selected from within the community from fellow neighbors. The population remains enslaved by this elite class of rulers and politicians. World history shows us where that will end. The elected must not be chosen "for us" but "from us"!"

Your responses will be printed verbatim up to the character limit. No corrections for punctuation, spelling or grammar will be made. At any time, you may make changes to your on-line submission. However, whatever is on your page on February 26th is what will appear in print and PDF versions of our Voters' Guides.

Thank you for sending your reply. If you have questions, contact or call 410-XXX-XXXX.

Sincerely, Barbara Schnackenberg, Co-President Nancy Soreng, Co-President League of Women Voters of Maryland

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