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My Plan for Seizing Revolutionary Prosperity.

My Plan for Seizing Revolutionary Prosperity William T. Newton for Congress/7th District

To begin with, there are those of us who remember when times were good. Oh, we had bills and problems came up once in a while that had to be fixed but we looked forward to better days; there was time for friends and family vacations and we had hopes and dreams.

Today when we get a break in our day to day struggles, we wonder what happened. Why has civility and happiness been replaced by fear, massive debt and living paycheck to paycheck with no light at the end of the tunnel? This was once a country where there was ‘opportunity’ for anyone who wanted to work and went looking for it. What happened?

It is because those who have been tasked with ‘taking care of the big things’, like the safety of our families, creating a prosperous business climate with an abundance of opportunity have stopped doing their job. They are ignoring the responsibilities of their elected office. Along the way, they have even failed to protect and defend the principles our country was founded upon.

Our Declaration of Independence instructs that we, citizens ought, “to throw off” our government “when a long train of abuses and usurpations” of our rights has the effect of reducing us to a place of “absolute despotism”. That time is now…. Those who we have entrusted with our lives have ignored their duty and have instead enslaved us so that they may themselves be enriched. Our own personal wealth, economic growth, education, health and general well-being and quality of life all suffer now under their bondage. This is our fault because we have allowed them to return year after year, decade after decade to the same office where they sit in judgment over our Freedom passing oppressive laws and burdensome regulations and layered taxation one on top of the other. For that they are paid many times more than any citizen they are required to serve. You know this is wrong and isn’t it time to stop this insanity?

I know you thought as I did 30 years ago that they would be the agents of change and would lead us all to that ‘promised land’….. again I ask, what happened? This has caused me to answer the call, to challenge the status quo and the current state of affairs. These entrenched politicians have let the purpose of our trust slip from their attention and so now we must “throw off such government and to provide new guards for our future” as our duty instructs and embrace our Declaration of Independence and a new Revolution!

Today we must stand and reject those abuses placed upon us by this ruling class; to seek justice and to return order to our lives. We need to, here and now, seek term limits for all those political positions and again seek representatives not “for us” but chosen “from us”, by us….. and not by the corrupt machinery that chains us at their feet. The abolition of our bondage must end and pursuit of our happiness must begin anew….. Your vote IS the Revolution!

My ideas are not unique or even complicated and are the result of conversations that I have had with my neighbors and friends. They have been developed in the check out line at the local grocery and most importantly rise from the minds of people who are affected everyday by a government which has lost touch with those it is supposed to serve. But no plan can ever work without us pushing for ‘term limits’ on politicians (and their family dynasties) that make careers out of elected office.

I will also endorse policies to address economic and social inequality by defiantly defending the return to a Constitutional Republican form of government expressed by our Framers. Advance the return of teaching civics in our schools again to promote the understanding of what the responsibilities are of every citizen to defend the Constitution and its Bill of Rights….and a sense of pride will emerge again in our children. And all people should experience the reality and promise of those words found in our Declaration of Independence.

There must be Tax Reform and the waste has to stop! Rates must be made permanent after initiating zero based budgeting without change by political fiat or regulatory override. The average family has to live within a budget; so should government! In the meantime we can craft a simpler and fairer tax system using an elementary accounting system and abolish the IRS.

My view of a clean environment relates simply to what I see outside my own door and each day I try to make it flourish. On the government side of the fence we must not obstruct competition in the marketplace or obstruct exploration and innovation of our own natural resources. I’d also propose that government have to prove that my activity on my own private property causes personal harm to anyone else instead of me having to prove that it doesn’t and the same goes for industry’s independence to develop jobs and products without government crippling advancement of research and development by its mistreatment of inventors and pioneers. Here’s a Revolutionary idea – make Government work for us for a change!

We shouldn’t have to spend years talking about Immigration or Foreign Policy either. Enforce the law regarding immigration, especially ‘illegal aliens’. Fine employers on a sliding scale who hire them and direct jobs back to our own millions of unemployed. The main cause of unemployment among our youth is our country has lost that vast surplus of entry level jobs we had in our communities for over half a century to those entering our country illegally, taking those jobs. These entry level jobs have always been the training ground that prepared our youth for higher paying and upward mobility. Opportunity for American citizens – First!

How we execute our Foreign Policy has a lot to do with the outcome of our Immigration plan. Our Constitution requires our government to do ONLY a few things and among those duties is to “provide for our common defense”. How we conduct that defense, our immigration and foreign policy I see as one in the same. The military is not a ‘dirty word’ and must be returned to an appropriate level to accommodate that duty. The President holds sway over our foreign policy and immigration and ‘only at times of declared war’ acts as the Commander-in-chief. It seems only logical to task the military with the responsibility of oversight in all three areas: Carrying out and enforcing laws relating to National Defense, Foreign Policy and Immigration. However, a civilian force should be employed to build a wall were necessary to impede the influx of non-citizens crossing our borders.

All of the judgments and observations above are easily reached by every citizen who holds the desire to rise up from whatever economic or social position they find themselves and to join others moving our country to a place with more favorable circumstances for everyone. We must pursue the return of our manufacturing based companies who have sought more favorable countries for operation, when that happens our standard of living will rise. To restore that recovery we must immediately eliminate the corporate tax rate to end the flight of investment abroad in oversees jobs. Keep them in America. Support “Fair Trade & Free Enterprise”. Eliminate ALL regulations on small and home grown business below specified net earnings. In short, leave people alone who are willing to create business opportunities, income and jobs! The marketplace belongs to the people – not the Government. I might add so does the belongs to the people and must always remain a free and open platform for the exchange of information and ideas and free of government control.

I am fond of the statesman and revolutionary thinker, Edmund Burke who was praised by both conservatives and liberals. When it comes to what I want to find in my own elected representative, he sums it up best: " ought to be the happiness and glory of a representative to live in the strictest union, the closest correspondence, and the most unreserved communication with his constituents. Their wishes ought to have great weight with him; their opinion, high respect; their business, unremitted attention. It is his duty to sacrifice his repose, his pleasures, his satisfactions, to theirs; and above all, ever, and in all cases, to prefer their interest to his own." When was the last time your Representative acted like that?

I now apply myself to becoming that Representative….your representative in the United States House of Representatives for the 7th Congressional District…and I promise not to make a career out of it! Let the Revolution begin today. In 2016 “Your vote IS the Revolution!”©William T. Newton

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