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"Pursuing Liberty and Restoring the American Dream" by William T. Newton

Pursuing Liberty and Restoring the American Dream by William T. Newton

We are witness to the growing frustration of those who feel that the one percenters are the cause of all their problems. The poor can always tell you how much money is in their pocket but can seldom explain why; which automatically leads them to blame anyone who has more.

There is that old adage, “As the family goes, so goes fortune”. Back when this world actually had a Pope who articulated the wisdom of the ages instead of being a political globetrotter bent on destroying the natural order, John Paul II offered a similar insight during his Homily on November 30, 1986 in Perth Australia. He stated, "Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord . . . that he may teach us his ways and that we may walk in his paths". With this invitation the Prophet Isaiah tells us how we must respond to God, and this response applies also to God’s plan for marriage and the family. Couples are offered the grace and strength of the Sacrament of Marriage precisely so that they may walk in the paths of the Lord and follow his ways, observing the plan which Christ has confirmed and ratified for the family. This plan testifies to the way it was in the "beginning" - as God willed it in the beginning for the well-being and happiness of the family. In God’s plan marriage requires: - an indissoluble communion that sinks its roots in the natural complementarity that exists between man and woman, and is nurtured through the personal willingness of the spouses to share their entire life project, what they have and what they are".

There is without any doubt a strong family and a strong economy share the same foundation. A recent study confirmed ‘that states with higher rates of married-parent families track closely with higher levels of economic growth, lower incidence of child poverty and higher median family income’. The study showed its highest link between marriage and economic growth among ages 25-35; so, Hope springs…..

Violent crime is decidedly down in states with a higher number of married families. It doesn’t take a leap-of-faith to accept the premise that marriage vows encourage young people to curtail some of their sophomoric habits and address those responsibilities associated with their choice to succeed in society. In the more Liberal bastions of ‘un’-civilized cultures where being married and accepting the responsibility of raising a family has become old-fashion along with the idea that religious traditions were for another era have displayed predominately lower economic growth. Liberals politically support the ‘hand-that-feeds’ mentality which requires those with a better economic practice to compensate those who choose differently. Today 110 million Americans (and non-citizens I’m sure) on benefits are not at all inspired to change as a result.

There is a direct correlation as I stated between marriage and one’s freedom, the pursuit of Liberty and a restoration of the American Dream. There is a “marriage penalty” attached to welfare programs which can cost recipients nearly one third of the benefits if they get married…..and in the larger picture those who are married, raising a family, working and paying taxes lose because they have to subsidize those who do not. Our government is at fault for propagating this inequality; inequality for those who work to better themselves and are penalized when they do. The penalty needs to go in the other direction to those who refuse to take responsibility for their poor choices.

The Brookings Institute has zeroed in on what they term the “success sequence” which urges young people to pursue education, marriage, work and raising children that in turn provides means to acquire prosperity and liberate the American Dream. The single deterrent today to that quest is the redistribution of their taxes to those expanding ranks of unmarried, single parents who by the generosity of Washington are rewarded for remaining impoverished. Our American economy during Obama’s presidency has averaged an abysmal 1.8 percent annual growth as a result of this growing disgrace.

So in summation, I must insist that our country return to those values established by our founding principles that lifted a fledgling nation and secured prosperity for all willing to put their shoulder to the wheel and who discovered their path to Freedom is in family and faith and not paved by flinging their dung in the street and destroying what others have sacrificed and slaved to build.

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